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Historic Preservation

There are few firms in Georgia and South Carolina who have our depth of experience in

preserving historic buildings and we continue to build upon that vast knowledge base. When undertaking a structure significant to the history of a city, county, or state, those officials reach out to Spratlin. They are confident that we have seen it before, and that we are committed to the level of care required for all aspects of their projects. In other words, they trust us with the details.

There are various examples of historic projects in the Spratlin & Son portfolio. In recent years, we have rebuilt, preserved, updated, and annexed numerous historic courthouses in Georgia, and the preservation of the 1905 built Admiral's Quarters on the Charleston Naval Base listed on the National Register. In addition to these, we are often called upon for unique projects, working with officials to preserve our local history and effectively transform old spaces for modern use.

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